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MALC Studios Inc, DBA Music à la Carte, opened its doors in 1983 to supply the world of advertising with fresh ideas and expand creativity to wherever it took the company. At that time the Hispanic Market was in a process of growth, which MALC helped to shape its history by producing side by side with pioneers of the industry. We also brought a new twist to the already existing strong General Market in the US. Thanks to its ability to always keep a happy customer and provide award-winning projects, MALC was able to break into the international market. This helped MALC become a pioneer in the industry. From then on MALC provided Original Music and audio post-production for any market. The next logical step for MALC was to expand and offer its services to Films, TV and Interactive projects. Serving many clients such as: Coca Cola, Burger King, Bush Beer, S.C Johnson, Kraft, Glade, Winn-Dixie, Ford Motor Company, Sony, The Discovery Channel, SONIC ERICCSON OPEN, LEXMARK, MARRIOT, OLYMPUS, HBO, TLC, etc., MALC managed to become a well-established audio post production house. The next expansion was growth continuation. So we put together a tougher group of artists to continue growing with experience in post-production. That’s how Voice à la Carte was born, after thousands of castings and working with the best talent in the industry. Then we present the Video and Animatic section that is lead by real painters and artists in order to always provide a great service.

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